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Information for Carriers

Try us out for 30 days absolutely FREE! No invoice to mark Cancel and send back. No need to call and cancel. Just do absolutely nothing if you don't want to continue after the trial, and your account will be automatically canceled.

Advantages for Carriers
  • We do not tolerate crooked brokers! If we find someone who is behaving criminally, we fire them. If there is a communication issue, we are not shy about making a phone call to clear up misunderstandings.
  • Instant Notification about new loads by email (example) and/or text message (example 1) (example 2)
  • Distance & Directions available for all loads (example)
  • Request a load by email or fax without having to retype information
  • Now you can send a BROADCAST EMAIL to all brokers and let them know what space you have available on your truck!
  • Post your carrier package online, no need for faxing anymore
  • More advanced search criteria and possibility to save search information

Requirements to sign up as carrier
To sign up as Carrier, you need to have active MC authority. If you only do intra-state transport and are in Florida, enter your DOT number instead of the MC number when doing the application. If in Texas, enter your TxDOT number. If in California, enter your CA number.

If you are allowed to do inter-state transport on your DOT number, enter your DOT number instead when filling in the membership application.

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Membership is $19.95 per month after a 30-day free trial.

To sign up with us, click on the "Free Trial" button to the right and fill in the membership application.

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